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Seasonal Essentials PAckages

Unlock the best in home maintenance with our seasonal essentials packages starting at just $199+.  SUMMER Promotion: $50 off activation until September 1st!

COMPREHENSIVE Home Analysis & maintenance FOr
every Season of Life


At GuardEx, we offer Essential Home Maintenance Packages tailored for every season. For just $199 a month, you gain access to comprehensive seasonal maintenance tasks performed by our technicians on a quarterly basis. During these routine visits, our technicians not only conduct the essential seasonal maintenance but also evaluate the condition of your home. If you have other home maintenance needs or wish to address specific tasks while our technicians are on-site, these can be added as a la carte services. Simple tasks like lightbulb replacements can be efficiently handled during the visit. For maintenance return trips outside of the quarterly scheduled visits, GuardEx will bill on an hourly basis.  This approach allows us to efficiently address tasks during scheduled visits and manage additional tasks based on their complexity and the need for a separate visit.

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Contact us today to learn about our special partnerships and how we're committed to helping you get top-notch home maintenance services at NO COST TO YOU.
Your safety is our priority!

*All packages are priced based on the size of the home and scope of requested services. 

Country House

SUmmer Promotion

Be one of the first 50 individuals to sign up and receive $50 off activation until  September 1st!

Contact us today to learn more!

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