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Special Partners

GuardEx's partnerships extend beyond business—they're vital relationships amplifying our mission of creating a lasting sense of home for everyone.

By combining GuardEx's expertise in home modifications and maintenance with Keller Williams' commitment to real estate excellence, we offer comprehensive support to homeowners.


Engaging with community centers through volunteerism and event sponsorship, GuardEx is not just a service provider but an invested member of the neighborhoods we serve, fostering unity and shared responsibility.


Our alliances with organizations like Continuum, SHC, and Bristol Hospice enable us to offer comprehensive solutions for aging in place.


Additionally, partnerships with entities like MO Better cover costs, ensuring that our services are accessible to all, aligning perfectly with our mission of creating forever homes for everyone.


In essence, GuardEx partnerships embody our commitment to community service, cost assistance, and the shared goal of providing a secure and comfortable home for all.

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