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We're thrilled to introduce the GuardEx Serve Day Giveaway: Veterans Edition! A fantastic opportunity that's all about honoring those who have served us, celebrating proactive home maintenance, community support, and sharing the love.


We know the importance of keeping homes in top shape all year round. That's why we're offering an exclusive Veterans Serve Day experience to one fortunate household at NO COST. This special day features our popular Summer Essentials Package, tailored to prepare your home for the upcoming season.



Picture this: Our skilled team, driven by our commitment to serve, will come to your home and perform our Summer Essentials Package. From thorough inspections to seasonal maintenance tasks, we'll ensure your home is well-equipped and ready to face the fall season head-on. Our aim is to provide exceptional service, especially to seniors, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and busy families, ensuring a safe and comfortable home for all.


Whether you've been with us for a while or are considering GuardEx for the first time, we extend our gratitude to all active duty and veterans. This giveaway is our way of saying thank you.

Fill out the form below, and and embrace the Summer season with GuardEx. Let's make home maintenance a breeze and uplift our community, together! 

Everyone is encouraged to enter those who are in need in the St. Louis Community.

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