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A Story of Home, Heart, and Proactive Care.

At the core of GuardEx lies a story of compassion, foresight, and a commitment to families and homes. Jonathan Pratt, the visionary owner and mind behind Kingdom Builders, our sister company specializing in remodeling homes, embarked on the journey that led to GuardEx. The inspiration struck while caring for his aging mother, realizing the challenges families face as their loved ones age and struggle to maintain their homes. Witnessing the stress and escalating costs, Jonathan envisioned a solution—proactive home maintenance for every season of life. Through countless Kingdom Builder projects, the importance of regular care became evident, prompting the question: What if there was a service that catered to homeowners, whether busy or unable, ensuring the well-being of their homes and allowing them to age in place? GuardEx was born from this vision, a service not just preserving homes but also saving families time and money in the long run. If only GuardEx had been there during those challenging times, the story goes, and now it stands as a testament to the power of foresight and the desire to make a meaningful impact on homes and lives. GuardEx – A Story of Home, Heart, and Proactive Care.

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